Immense Ceramica is widely popular for its well-designed training program that can transform a beginner into a skilled perfectionist without any charges. With an unlimited training period, Immense Ceramica also supports you in studio set-up, branding and marketing.

Learning is a never ending process, may it be for beginners or for experienced detailers. At Immense Ceramica, a Master Training Program has been devised by highly credible experts to meet all the learning requirements of professionals and experienced detailers.

With top class industry experts and elaborate study material, Immense Ceramica focuses on creating a strong base by leveraging detailed theoretical knowledge about types of paint, paint application science, detailing and coating processes.

A dedicated team of experienced professionals at Immense Ceramica is assigned the duty of providing hands-on training on every minor and major detailing aspects. Right from car washing to ceramic coating, the expert detailers guide you through every process till the perfect results are obtained.

Classroom and practical knowledge do create a sturdy base for starting any business. But to run the business optimally, special sets of skills are required that help you create and establish your brand as one of the market leaders. Admin training session is uniquely designed by market leaders to help you expand your business.

An authorized certificate is provided by the Immense Ceramica Detailing Academy to every participant in the program after the successful completion of all the sessions.


Kudos to Immense team on Formulation and Quality of Graphene they have produced..I was spectical about buying a new product but wanna give a try based on the SUD certification .. The Output of the product is remarkable and outstanding. Its comes with beautiful package on quick delivery. It holds great characteristics
like Outstanding Shine, Hydrophobic, Sleekness you can feel, Economic than any other brand available in Market now.
You can definitely go for it.. I have applied to 2 cars KIA Seltos & Sonet and customers are so happy about it.

Jaaz Car Studio


I have used many brands for my ceramic coating studio but none of the products can match the quality Immense Ceramica offers

Mahesh Yeole


Even if you are professional detailer you should attain ICDA training. Also Products are just awesome



The specialty of ICDA program is Admin Training & their support same like franchise without any fee

Srimant Mani


They have some really great products that offers better bonding and protection of the vehicle, would definitely order again




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