Immense Ceramica has collaborated with 6 R&D centers and technical support centers in Germany, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, France, and the United States. Our revolutionary formula and combination of Nano Technology with Carbon Molecules allows our products to bind permanently on paint surfaces and form 3D Matrix Structure that provides an exceptionally irresistible deep, smooth and glossy finish with chemical resistance against all pH range. We offer you a wide scope of environmentally and eco-friendly products that have been explicitly evolved to create very thin, yet exceptionally durable three-dimensional matrix surface coatings.

Immense Ceramica has pioneered advanced 3D Matrix Formula that enhances bonding our products and offers high-quality, long-lasting, and functional coating solutions. At Immense Ceramica We aim to offer the best nano coating solutions in the highest conceivable quality for every application. All our products are tested & certified by world’s leading certification & security company TÜV SÜD. Along with automotive industry, we also cover industries such as, Marine, Aviation, Industrial & Home. Our product ‘Immense Graphene’ offers 5 times superior hardness as compared to traditional ceramic coatings with superior Chemical Resistance, Super-Hydrophobic Effect, UV Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Temperature Resistance and Corrosion Resistance. Immense Ceramica has developed into a global ceramic coating solutions provider with an customized solutions for corporate and government clients. We strive to be on the forefront of Car care products and help bring innovation to market in collaboration by the award-winning scientists and research centers.

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Our industry leading formulation and exclusive network of detailers spans worldwide, bringing the highest quality Nanotechnology pro detailing products to meet your demand.

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